Natural chemical drug production research institute

Production and research company of organ on-chip monitoring system
and antioxidant product (antioxidant dressing, macular degeneration drug, cardiovascular drug)

Spirit of ArcaEir

* Mean of ArcaEir

In Norse mythology, “Eir” is a goddess or Valkyrie associated with outstanding medical skills and knowledge for the people, so she is symbol of Mercy and Peace. “Arca” is the etymology of “Ark” from the Latin word which means the “Box”.
Thus, “ArcaEir” means “The box of Eir who is the goddess of healing”. To be ArcaEir, we shall be the representative of Eir.


To Human life


Based on Safety analysis


From the ocean into the Human

ArcaEir Inc. is research company about marine microalgae and microorganism for new medical effectible ingredient. We have technical skills in culture, isolation and purification. Also, we have our own technologies in ‘Photo Bio-Reactor’ for culturing microalgae and ‘Carotenoids & Isomers purify system’ for isolating and purifying. Based on these, we are developing new drugs and medical devices.
ArcaEir will produce pure and clean products and lead the way in developing new drugs with new concepts.