Natural chemical drug production research institute

Production and research company of antioxidant product
(antioxidant dressing, macular degeneration treatment, cardiovascular treatment)

Spirit of ArcaEir

* Mean of ArcaEir

Norse mythology said, “Eir” is symbol of the goddess of mercy and peace from the against. She comes out in the ancient Nordic goddess as ‘Valkyrie’ as one of the outstanding medical skills and knowledge for the people. Arca mean as ‘Ark’ of Latin Etymology as Box. Thus, ‘Arca Eir’ mean the goddess of healing in ‘Arca’ mean the box. To be ArcaEir, we shall be the representative of Eir.


To Human life


Based on Safety analysis


From the ocean into the Human

Morality of ArcaEir

ArcaEir Inc. are researching company base on marine microalgae and microorganism to new medical effect able ingredient.
So we are research into reliable attitude. Each step of developing technology are very reason and consider able plan and process.
We are not articles nip pass for bio and medical effect and safety analysis. Find out the fundamental problem and standard are our power and force as microbial collection and analysis, purifying and physical and chemical composition, cell genomic analysis, effect and safety test for human best life.