Natural chemical drug production research institute

Production and research company of antioxidant product
(antioxidant dressing, macular degeneration treatment, cardiovascular treatment)

Division Zeaxanthin 9-cis β-carotene β-carotene
Product Macular degeneration treatment Atherosclerosis treatment Antioxidant dressing, Ointment
Special Zeaxanthin has the highest added value among products (lutein, meso-Zeaxanthin) obtained by highly refining fine marine algae '9-cis β-carotene' is absorbed into the body and degrades into '9-cis retinoid' which destroys blood fat cells and 'all trans retinoid' which acts on thrombus and neutralizes blood coagulation. Both substances have efficacy in Atherosclerosis therapy. 'Β-carotene' is a substance obtained by first purification of microalgae. We have supplemented the problem of skin absorption and inflammation which is the problem of existing liposoluble vaseline gauze. We are developing and producing products coated with water-soluble chitosan which has high antioxidant effect.
Marketplace The market for macular degeneration treatment is estimated at KRW4.64 trillion as of 2014, a CAGR of 7.8% and expected to reach 9 trillion won by 2023. Atherosclerosis disease is the leading cause of death in the world, and the global market size of atherosclerotic drug therapy is expected to increase from 29.6 trillion won in 2012 to 51.7 trillion won by 2022.
Business Domestic macular degeneration treatment are all import-dependent, and Most treatments contain 25% of Zeaxanthin.We are in business agreement with 'H Pharmaceutical', the first domestic technology company. We are is the only domestic bio-venture company involved in the treatment of atherosclerosis. And it holds a patent for the 9-cis β-carotene purification method It can be produced from July after completing the technology evaluation of KCL. We expect to be able to secure initial sales without spending additional marketing expenses through military supply.