Early Stage Drug Development Company

We’re development of Organ On-Chip System to which real human blood is applied

and drug application efficacy test and evaluation company

(Human) Organ On-chip Monitoring System

item Existing Micro On Chip Products Development Macro On Chip Product
size of blood vessels in the chip 0.5~1mm 3~10mm
Application reagent Serum or Media Media, Serum, Blood
Test environment Normal Sterilization
Gas None Air &CO2
Use Biotechnology laboratory Medical laboratory
Blood pressure and Blood flow Non-adjustable Adjustable
Test time Span 5 min. 4 Hour
Test Coverage Efficacy Evaluation Causes of pathology, efficacy, stability, side effects
Base cell organ cells or iPS organ cells, iPS or Fibroblast
Chip Production Cost USD about $1,500 USD about $3,000
System Estimated Price None USD 1 million

Technology introduction

Existing Organ on a Chip System
  • Microenvironment type
  • Vessel contraction and relaxation conduction measurements (FSS and CS)
  • Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSc) applied to venous endothelial cells (HUVEC) and other organ cells Serum or drug mixture media application
  • Separate operating system for each devic
ArcaEir Organ on a Chip System
  • On-chip system for actual blood application
  • Vessel On-Chip Device of actual blood vessel size
  • Blood pressure and blood flow control/blood GAS control for FSS and CS
  • Aseptic environmental conditions / temperature control (35~45℃)
  • PC-based online control system

Vessel On-Chip

Fibroblast cell

Vessel On-Chip Test Coverage

Certificate & Press release

  • KC certification mark
    (electromagnetic compatibility registration)
  • Press release [Hansbiz]
  • Press release [Hankook Ilbo]