Natural chemical drug production research institute

Production and research company of antioxidant product
(antioxidant dressing, macular degeneration treatment, cardiovascular treatment)

NO. Patent Country Application/Patent Technology Transfer Value
1 Chitosan coated Nano Liposome containing conjugated Linoleic acid and preparation method thereof KOREA (application) ’09.06.18
(patent) ’14.01.15
Investment KRW 125 million
2 Method of promoting the culture of Algae and Microorganism by regulating on pneumatic air and a Luminous source KOREA (application) ’12.10.10
(patent) ’14.12.18
3 A method of cultivating a microorganism and method of separating and purificating 9-cis β-carotene from the cultivated microorganism PCT (application) ’14.11.12
4 Method for culturing Microorganisms and method for separating and purifying 9-Cis B-Carotene from cultured Microorganisms KOREA (application) ’15.11.10
(patent) ’18.10.18
O KRW 796 million
5 Cortex skin lipid component separation utilizing the principle and the hydrophobic composition and a manufacturing method of a cleaning material of Aerogel KOREA (application) ’16.11.09
(patent) ’19.07.10
6 Method and apparatus for separating water soluble and insoluble pigments from natural substance using Aerogel KOREA (application) ’16.11.18
(patent) ‘18.03.05
7 Method of separating oil-soluble pigment and water-soluble pigment from natural material using aero-gels and an apparatus therefor US (application) ’17.06.20
(patent) ‘19.02.05
8 Composition for emergency treatment of burn injury and wounds and first aid gauze containing same KOREA (application) ’17.11.27 O
9 Composition for first-aid treatment of trauma and gauze for first-aid treatment of trauma involving the same PCT (application) ’17.11.27 O
10 Chlamydomonas mutant and production method thereof KOREA (application) ’18.08.29
(patent) ‘19.05.20
11 Method for measuring cytotoxicity and activation of ointments and solid preparations containing biologically active substances with Fibra-cel KOREA (application) ’18.12.28
(patent) ’19.12.23
12 Ointment agents for inflammation, oxidation inhibition and skin cell regeneration caused by burns or abrasions and methods for producing the same KOREA (application) ’18.12.28
(patent) ’19.12.27
13 Synthesis method for 9-cis β-carotene KOREA (application) ’19.10.31 O